Fastest Growing Palm Trees


Fastest Growing Palm Trees

Palm trees are prized for their tropical aesthetic and practical benefits like providing shade and acting as natural windbreaks. Their graceful fronds and interesting trunks make them excellent statement plants that instantly transform any landscape. I have discovered the 10 fastest growing palm trees perfect for transforming landscapes quickly

While some palm species grow slowly, others have impressively fast growth rates, making them ideal choices when you want quick results. Understanding the factors that determine how rapidly different palms grow allows you to select the perfect trees to realize your landscaping vision.

Palm Tree Growth Rates

Palm Tree Growth Rates by the gardenation

On average, palm trees grow around 1-2 feet per year. However, growth rates vary significantly based on the palm variety, climate, soil conditions, sunlight exposure, and care. 

Specific factors that impact growth rate include:

Planting Location:

The ideal planting zone and climate for a particular palm variety strongly correlates with how fast it will grow. Planting a palm suited to your hardiness zone ensures optimal growth.

Hardiness Zones: 

Cold-hardy palm species that tolerate lower temperatures tend to have slower growth than tropical varieties native to hot, humid environments.

Soil Types: 

Palm trees thrive in well-draining, sandy or loamy soils and achieve faster growth compared to heavy, clay-like soils that retain moisture. 


Most palms need full sun for 6 hours or more daily to support an accelerated growth rate. Insufficient light slows growth.

Water Availability: 

Palm trees require regular watering to grow rapidly and may grow slowly or show signs of distress if underwatered, especially when establishing.  

Seed Germination & Growth: 

Palm trees grown from seeds are generally slow growing for the first few years. However, seed-grown specimens often ultimately become larger palms long-term.

10 Beautiful Fast-Growing Palm Trees

10 Beautiful Fast-Growing Palm Trees

If you want to enjoy the benefits of lush, tropical-style palms quickly, consider these 10 rapidly-growing varieties perfect for landscaping:

 1. King Palm

King Palm by the gardenation
  •  Mature Height: 50 feet 
  •  Growth Rate: Fast, up to 3 feet per year
  •  Hardiness Zones: 10-11

With impressive, feathery fronds arching out from multiple trunks, the fast-growing king palm makes a spectacular focal point. I provide warm temperatures, plenty of moisture, and well-drained soil for best growth.

 2. Queen Palm 

Queen Palm by the gardenation
  •  Mature Height: 50 feet
  •  Growth Rate: Fast, up to 3 feet per year  
  •  Hardiness Zones: 9-11

Queen palms are exceptionally fast-growing tropical trees perfect for creating a resort-style landscape. Their glossy fronds and smooth gray trunks add drama and height. I site them in full sun with regular fertilization for quick gains in height.   

 3. Majesty Palm

Majesty Palm
  •  Mature Height: 50 feet  
  •  Growth Rate: Fast, up to 3 feet per year
  •  Hardiness Zones: 10-11

Boasting a tall, slim single trunk crowned by dark green fronds, majesty palms grow rapidly in frost-free climates with adequate moisture and full sun exposure. Their height and slender form make them ideal screens or backyard focal points.

 4. Carpentaria Palm  

Carpentaria Palm 
  •  Mature Height: 30 feet
  •  Growth Rate: Fast, up to 5 feet per year 
  •  Hardiness Zones: 10-11 

One of the fastest growing palm trees, the Carpentaria palm quickly achieves its mature height of 30 feet tall thanks to growth rates averaging 5 feet annually. I give it space to showcase its slender, ringed trunk and graceful crown of feather-shaped leaves.

 5. Fishtail Palm

Fishtail Palm
  •  Mature Height: 15-20 feet  
  •  Growth Rate: Fast, up to 3 feet per year
  •  Hardiness Zones: 10-11

Named for its leaves divided into segments resembling a fish’s tail, the fishtail palm is prized for its unique, tropical look. With ample moisture and warm temperatures, this multi-trunk palm rockets upwards at 3 feet per year.

 6. Windmill Palm

 Fastest Growing Palm Trees Windmill Palm
  •  Mature Height: 20 feet  
  •  Growth Rate: Fast, up to 3 feet per year  
  •  Hardiness Zones: 10-11

Featuring bushy, rounded fronds held atop multiple thin trunks, the windmill palm grows rapidly to create the look of a palm tree “grove” with just one plant. I provide well-drained soil and full sun to spur fast vertical growth.

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 7. Foxtail Palm

Foxtail Palm
  •  Mature Height: 30 feet   
  •  Growth Rate: Fast, up to 3 feet per year
  •  Hardiness Zones: 10-11

Named for its bushy, fox tail-like fronds, this single-trunk palm grows fast in USDA zones 10-11, adding 3 feet or more in height annually. Graceful arching leaves and smooth grey trunk lend drama. I site in full sun with ample water and well-drained soil.  

 8. Jussara Palm 

Jussara Palm
  •  Mature Height: 100 feet
  •  Growth Rate: Fast, up to 4 feet per year  
  •  Hardiness Zones: 10-11

One of the largest palm varieties, the Jussara palm grows up to 4 feet yearly on its way to its towering 100-foot potential height. With ample space and ideal growing conditions, they make a supreme focal point or backyard tree.

 9. California Fan Palm

California Fan Palm
  •  Mature Height: 75 feet  
  •  Growth Rate: Fast, up to 3 feet per year 
  •  Hardiness Zones: 8-11

Thanks to its rapid growth rate and tall mature height, California fan palms make excellent street trees or anchors for large landscapes. I provide full sun, regular watering, and well-drained soil to spur their eye-catching vertical growth.

 10. Mexican Fan Palm

Mexican Fan Palm
  •  Mature Height: 100 feet  
  •  Growth Rate: Fast, up to 3 feet per year
  •  Hardiness Zones: 9-11

Mexican fan palms are icons of tropical resorts and landscapes thanks to their rapid vertical growth and stunning mature proportions. I site in full sun and irrigate regularly for impressive gains of 3 feet or more yearly.

Care and Maintenance  

Care and Maintenance  

Caring properly for palm trees helps them grow at their maximum rate and keeps them looking their best:

  • Temperature: Palm trees grow fastest when temperatures suit their preferred climate. Tropical varieties thrive with warm days around 80°F and 60°F+ nights. I protect more cold-sensitive palms if temperatures drop.
  • Soil: Palm trees need well-drained, sandy soil amended with compost to grow their fastest. Clay-heavy soils retain too much moisture. I maintain a 3-foot diameter space around palms mulched to enrich soil. 
  • Water: New palms require 1-2 deep waterings per week for rapid establishment. Mature palms grow quickly with thorough weekly watering. Soil should dry slightly between waterings. 
  • Fertilizer: I apply a palm-specific fertilizer every 3 months during the growing season for vigorous growth. I look for formulations with added magnesium, manganese, and iron.

Pruning: I remove dead or damaged fronds regularly to keep palms growing rapidly and maintain their aesthetic shape. I avoid removing green healthy fronds.

Landscaping with Fast-Growing Palm Trees 

Landscaping with Fast-Growing Palm Trees 

Incorporating fast-growing palm trees into your landscape plan allows you to enjoy their tropical effects quickly.

Large Landscapes: 

I use fast-growing species like king, queen, or majesty palms as striking focal points. Cluster multiple Carpentaria or windmill palms together for a playful grove. Line driveways or property borders with tall Mexican fan or California fan palms.

Small Gardens: 

Compact and bushy varieties like fishtail, foxtail, and windmill palms provide tropical style without overwhelming small spaces. I use them as accents around pool areas, patios, or flower beds.

Tropical Oasis:

I choose a combination of fast-growing palms with different textures, heights, and forms to create a lush retreat. I pace feather-leaved trees near fan-leaved varieties for contrast and a layered look.

Speed Up Palm Tree Growth  

Speed Up Palm Tree Growth

If your palm trees need an extra growth boost, give them a leg up with these tips:

  • Fertilize More Often: I apply palm fertilizer every 6-8 weeks instead of quarterly so palms extract the nutrients they need for energetic growth.  
  • Water More Frequently: I give younger palms a weekly deep watering and mature trees a thorough soaking every 5-7 days instead of weekly to drive growth. 
  • Warm Climate Microclimates: I create warmer microclimates around palms with stone or brick hardscaping that retains daytime heat. This supports faster growth for palms at the limit of their hardiness zone.  

Address Underlying Issues: I rule out and remedy drainage problems, disease, pests, or incorrect planting depth that may inadvertently slow palm growth.

 Frequently Asked Questions

How Fast Do Palm Trees Grow From Seed?

Palm trees started from seed tend to have slow initial growth for the first 3-5 years. Once established, seed-grown palms often surpass the mature size of transplanted specimens. Growth journeys of over 15 years are common.

Which Palm Tree Grows the Fastest?

The Carpentaria palm is reputed as the world’s fastest growing palm, with vertical growth up to 5 feet per year. King, queen, and majesty palms also grow approximately 3 feet annually under ideal conditions.  

Should You Fertilize Palm Trees for Faster Growth?  

Yes, applying a quality palm fertilizer every 3 months during the growing season is ideal for faster palm growth. Look for nutrients like magnesium, manganese, and iron missing from many standard fertilizers but vital for palm health.

What Factors Slow Palm Tree Growth?

Insufficient sunlight, underwatering, compacted soil, excessive cold exposure, and planting in zones too cold for the variety can all restrict palm tree growth rates. Address these issues to spur faster growth.


Palm trees can transform any yard into a tropical paradise. Some palm trees grow slowly, but others add several feet in height every year. Fast-growing palms allow you to achieve the lush, resort-style look faster.

I reviewed 10 rapidly-growing palm varieties perfect for landscaping, like King Palms and Majesty Palms. It also gave tips for care and fertilizing to keep palms growing quickly. Things like warm temperatures, sandy soil, ample sunlight and frequent watering and fertilizer will keep them gaining height rapidly.  

Palm trees are easy to add drama and height to gardens and landscapes. I suggest you choose fast growing types if you want to enjoy tall, graceful palms sooner. Proper selection, planting, care and fertilizer gives them the boost they need to expand your landscape’s possibilities.


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